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If you ever heard of Dutch Kite Lines  - well, that's us!


BraidTech is specialized in the production of kite lines made from DSM Dyneema® yarns.

Our experience with kite lines manufacturing goes back to 1993, the days of Cory Roeseler's KiteSki and Peter Lynn's buggies in Australia, long before kitesurfing as we know it today was born.

BraidTech was founded in 2010 and later on in 2017 we took over the kite line business and special equipment of Eurocord. Since 2018 we are one of the few largest kite line producers.

100% Made In Europe
Each component and process, even our equipment is European. The finished kite lines are shipped out of our distribution facility in Oisterwijk, the Netherlands. 
After we braid the Dyneema® yarns on dedicated machines, the final performance and quality of the lines is determined by a complex process of impregnation, coating, stretching and heat-setting - fine-tuned by us over the last 2 decades.

Our close cooperation with some leading kite brands has enabled us to develop kite lines with a great balance between very low stretch, minimal shrinkage and unmatched durability in terms of abrasion and UV resistance.

BraidTech is continuously engaged in R&D and product development, in close contact with customers and suppliers of raw materials and equipment.

The largest part of our production are flying lines with min. strength between 250 and 600 kg. We also manufacture racing and control lines (150-250 kg), fine foil kite bridle lines (75 – 150 kg) and heavier leader and depower lines.

Our standard color range includes the most common colors such as black, white, gray, red, blue, green and orange, many of which we carry in stock in our top selling lines models. Other colors and colour combinations are regularly produced on request. All our lines are supplied on bulk spools with lengths varying between 1,000 and 5,000 metres. For repair shops and retailers we also offer smaller spool sizes.

Our team



Founder and Managing Director

Fred is a busy networker, always looking for new challenges, always on the road. Father of 3 kids.
Strong background in braiding technology with various products made of all kind of high-performance materials like Dyneema, but also natural fibers and conventional polymer yarns.
Commercial driven and customer focussed.
Always listening to the wishes of the clients and taking a good care of them. 
Just do what you promised - once a customer, always a customer.


  • Commercial Economy & Marketing


  • Braiding, Marketing, Export

  • Worked for Eurocord from 1993 until 2009



R&D; Sales & Customer Service

Nick is a passionate kitesurfer and a father of two.His solid background in texlies and yarns and a broad material knowledge are essential for BraidTech R&D projects he is working on.A strong generator of innovative ideas, always thinking few steps ahead.We met Nick while he was working for one of our customers, where part of his responsibilities was kite lines research and innovation.


  • Marketing & Business Administration 


  • Sewing threads and yarns

  • Textile and apparel trims

  • Materials Technology in Watersports

  • Sales & Key Account Management

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