braiding machine

BraidTech is specialized in kite lines development and manufacturing, but also makes braided lines for special industrial applications. 

All our kite lines are made with Dyneema® yarns from DSM, known as the first and best UHMwPE (Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene) supplier. Dyneema® UHMwPE fibers have many unique properties – lighter than water, 15 times stronger than steel™, extremely low elongation, very high abrasion and UV resistance to name a few.

But stand alone these properties don’t necesarily mean you can get a great kite line by just using Dyneema®... there is a lot more!

Our standard production process for kite lines includes the following main steps:

  • Yarn preparation

  • Braiding

  • Coating and/or impregnation

  • Stretching and Heat-setting

As simple and straight forward this may seem, the variables and possible combinations are almost endless - what keeps us busy already 27 years.

  • Testing at every step is an integral part of our development and production process – to guarantee a consistant quality and performance of every meter of line. 

  • For Product Development 'on water' testing is mostly done by our customers. 
    We also have our independent ‘field’ testing done by a team of advancved kiters around the globe, especially for our internal R&D process. That's where the new stuff is usually born.

Force Elongation Curve of Braids.jpg

Testing is a key part of BraidTech R&D process